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Gypsyhorses Europe
Gypsyhorses Europe

Holland / The Netherlands

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Gypsy Horses are sometimes known as Cobs, Gypsy Cobs, Romany Horses, Coloured Cobs,
Gypsy Vanners, Irish Cobs, Piebalds, Skewbalds, Drum Horses, American Gypsy Horses,
Romany Horses, Tinker Horses or just Tinkers. On the European Continent, they are more
often referred to as "Tinkers".
There are many names but they all come from the original Gypsy Horse background.

The Gypsy horse we have come to know today, has roots in England, Ireland, Scotland and
Wales. The traditional gypsy horse will stand commonly between 13 hands and about 16
hands tall. While the very ancient history of the Gypsy Horse is unknown, they are probably
descended from several early draft horse and pony breeds. There is no doubt that Shires,
Clydesdale's, Dales Ponies and Fell Ponies found their way into his early makeup.

The true Gypsy Horse, is a traditional horse and has been bred and used by Romany (Roma)
and other Gypsies in Europe for many, many years.

They say Gypsies bred and used colorful cob horses to pull their ornately decorated carts
and living wagons thru the countrysides of England and Ireland. The horses they bred and
used were heavy boned and feathered horses. They were strong, sensible, docile, and
incredibly hard working as they grazed along side of the roads that the caravans traveled
and at the end of the day they had enough patience to teach the gypsy children to ride.

The horses were of course beautiful and colorful to view with heavy feather legs, long
flowing manes and tails. All these traits made the gypsy horse difficult to be stolen or
swapped. These horses were part of the gypsy mystery and magical way of there life. As
the gypsy travelers, or Roma are some of the most misunderstood people and most usually
discriminated-against, but with most remarkable history events, history emerges from
special circumstances and this is the "greatness" in history. And Today we want to listen
and understand the Gypsy "greatness and most misunderstood" way of life.....
On this site you will find the finest quality of Gypsy Horses
we currently have for sale.

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We can offer you transportation worldwide, door to door.
We're located near Amsterdam / Holland.
Gypsy Gold does not chink and glitter...... it gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark.
Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway